The Dinner Party Bundle (Set of 3 Games)


An Escape Room in an Envelope! A dinner party game.

Get a copy of all three of our Dinner Party Games: The Scandal, The Blunder & The Deceit. And save over 15%.

The Scandal: A sports photographer, has stumbled across a story of match-fixing and blackmail at the Marseille Tennis Championships. A bank of files and documents are being used to threaten a leading tennis star and they need your help to disrupt the plan.

The Blunder: While James was travelling through China, he made a devastating and embarrassing mistake. He sent a very private message to the wrong people and he’s in big trouble if this gets out.

The Deceit: A successful TV chef has been betrayed, but by who? Her reputation’s on the line and her fortune is in jeopardy – she knows where the secrets are hidden but she needs your help to find them.

How to play: Each game works similarly – solve all nine puzzles to reveal the passcode to the online vault, break into the vault before it’s too late!

Players: 1-8 Age: 14+ Time: 60-90 minutes

100% recyclable, plastic free and made in the UK.

These games are not personalised and you can’t leave a secret message at the end. There is a surprise waiting for you in the online vault in each game though! Check out our personalised games if you want to leave a secret message…

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