The Sabotage


An Escape Room in an Envelope! A dinner party game.

The prestigious cycling race, Grand Tour UK, is in full swing when the lead rider’s brakes are cut. In hospital and out of the race, Ali needs your help to solve the puzzles and reveal the culprit!

How to play: Solve all nine puzzles to break into the online vault, discover the saboteur and decide their fate…

Players: 1-8 Age: 14+ Time: 60-90 minutes

100% recyclable, plastic free and made in the UK.

This game is not personalised and you can’t leave a secret message at the end. There is a surprise waiting for you in the online vault though! Check out our personalised games if you want to leave a secret message…

Add a chocolatey treat

Chocolate Chip Cookie Tony's Chocolonely

May contain traces of eggs, peanuts and tree nuts.


Dark Hazelnut Crunch Tony's Chocolonely (Vegan)

May contain traces of gluten, eggs, milk and tree nuts.


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