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An Escape Room in an Envelope

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Dinner Party Editions

Designed for bigger groups, these games these at-home escape rooms each include 9 puzzles - work together to solve the clues and break into an online vault for an unforgettable games night!
Have a peek inside Padlock'd Mexico

A lock, a chain and a puzzle game!
The combination to the padlock is hidden behind a series of clues left by Asma who’s travelling around Mexico. Can you solve all 5 puzzles to crack the code or will the padlock stay locked forever?

How it works: Use the lock and chain to secure something (a gift, a door, the wine cupboard…), solve the puzzles to reveal the lock combination and unlock the padlock!

Players: 1-4 Age: 14+ Time: 30 minutes

Contains: 1.4 metre chain, padlock, envelope full of puzzles, instruction card.

Plastic free, paper components are recyclable. Please reuse the lock and chain.

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To reassure you that our games are really good fun!
5 Stars
"Super speedy delivery. The third time I've done one and the group loved it ☺️ Absolutely would recommend!"
Eleonor C
Via Trustpilot
"Perfect level of difficult and satisfying. The props are so detailed and well made, and the whole thing works so well, a brilliant idea, recommended 100%"
Via Trustpilot
"I’ve sent two of these puzzles as gifts and received one myself and they’re brilliant. Would highly recommend."
Kiri S
Via Trustpilot
"The puzzle pack we did was fantastic, the puzzles were challenging and a lot of fun. If you like escape rooms, I’d highly recommend this as an at home experience."
Ian G
Via Trustpilot
"I have bought several of these … all are excellent and feedback from my friends who played was amazing."
Via Trustpilot
"What a wonderful company to deal with! Not only are the puzzles awesome, the customer service that comes with it is outstanding!"
Kelly W
Via Trustpilot
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