The Kids Bundle

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Each game has its own unique storyline and will take each child on a wonderful puzzling adventure.

How to play them: Each game contains a series of puzzles. Solve all them to break into the online vault and reveal the secret message left by the stories main character.

Players: 1-2 Age: 7-10 Time: 30-40 minutes

100% recyclable, plastic free and made in the UK.

These games aren’t able to be personalised. Please check our personalised category for all personalised options.

Change the quantity number alongside each individual game to create your bundle. If you want to remove a game from your bundle, just input 0 in the quantity box.

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The Explorer

Taya the mountain explorer has found a secret message on a particularly remote part of a mountain. As she's so far from home, she's stashed the message in an online vault and needs a highly skilled helper to reveal the message back home.

£10.79 each

The Zoo

Ben the zookeeper has found a secret message in one of the animal enclosures. He's stashed the message in an online vault and needs a highly skilled helper to the reveal it.

£10.79 each

The Space Station +

For Children (Age 7-10)

Astronaut Alice, on the Space Station, has accidentally intercepted your secret message from earth. She's locked away the message and left a series of clues to help a budding astronaut break in and find it.

£10.79 each

Elf HQ +

Santa Claus had a mishap while on his practice run for Christmas Eve. He was supposed to deliver a message but has instead asked Bernard, his Head Elf to help him out and deliver the message! The perfect addition to a magical Christmas.

£8.99 each