Puzzle Post And Craft Beer Bundle



Choose from any one of our three adult puzzle games: The Missed Flight, The Dupe or The Split. You can find full details of the stories running through each puzzle in the puzzle product page.

Your message was supposed to be delivered by each story’s main character but, due to unforeseen and regrettable circumstances, it is no longer possible. They have stashed your message in our online vault and put 7 puzzles together from items they’ve picked up along their way.

The recipient will have to complete the puzzles inside, log in to our vault and reveal the secret message and the sender of the beers. All whilst enjoying a delicious beer or two!

The Beers:

Each puzzle comes with 5 Thornbridge LUKAS Helles Lagers (4.2%). Lukas is brewed with Bavarian ingredients and undergoes a long lagering period. It’s light, crisp and has a little malt sweetness which is characteristic of this traditional style.

This product contains alcohol.

How it works:

Use the form that pops up when you click ‘Purchase’ to upload your secret message. You will then be asked for the recipient’s name and address at checkout.

Once you have checked out we will pop the Puzzle Post and craft lager bundle straight in the actual post for the recipient to enjoy. They won’t know who it is from until they solve the puzzles, enter the resulting code onto our online vault, and unlock your message!

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