An escape room in an envelope

The Perfect Gift: Send an encoded message, one that can only be
revealed by completing the puzzles inside.

The Missed Flight

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Featured in “The Best Gifts To Give In 2020”

“There’s no need to leave your home to do an escape room anymore – this one is just as fun.”

“A perfect alternative to that Christmas day game of monopoly”

If you aren’t together this Valentine’s Day, this twist on the old-fashioned love letter might be for you.”

How it works
Step 1
Choose a puzzle for the recipient to solve
Step 2
Write, record or snap your secret message to be stashed in our online vault
Step 3
We send the puzzle out in the post
Step 4
They solve the puzzle to reveal their unique access code, login to our vault and view your message

Choose a puzzle to get started


Each pack includes a series of realistic puzzles that will challenge logic, creativity, and the ability to think outside of the box. All the puzzles revolve around realistic storylines and pieces, and are designed to be completed within 60-90 minutes on average. Suitable for ages 13 and older. There may be references to alcohol, but nothing explicit.


Wanting to surprise a child? Let them believe they are an undercover spy for a day? Keep them busy and entertained off their screens? Each puzzle pack includes a series of fun and educational puzzles that will stimulate imagination, logic, and creativity for 45-60 minutes. Recommended for children ages 7-10.