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Our WhatsApp Game – to play solo or in a pair. 


Oscar, working on the inside of the international corporation Europa, needs your help to expose the crime and corruption that runs to the very top of the business and even into the corridors of power across Europe.

Continuing the work of the academic Lucy Kingston, who originally drew attention to the shadowy work of some associated with Europa, you will need to solve a series of puzzles delivered to you by Oscar from the inside. Reveal the nefarious secrets of Europa, help Lucy escape from a life in hiding all from your mobile phone or computer.

There are seven puzzles to solve in total and plenty to keep you entertained for 60 to 90 minutes. You can play the game all in one go or come and go to it as you please. This game is delivered entirely through WhatsApp. You will receive text messages, images and documents from Oscar. You will be required to navigate these files and live web pages in order to complete the game.

As the game is based on WhatsApp, we suggest playing solo or in a pair and using WhatsApp web on a computer if you’d like a bigger screen. There’s nothing too sophisticated but you should be comfortable using a smartphone and/or laptop.


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