The Space Station

Astronaut Training Plan

Can you see the ticks? That's how we know that the Astronaut on that row has completed the training.

We need the Astronaut that has done the training for the Robotic Arm repair. Can you see the two skills they need at the bottom of the chart?

Anthony Clark is the only Astronaut who has completed both the Robotics and Electronics training. He is Astronaut number 2.

Space Walk

Can you find the two photos? It looks like they are both halves of one picture....

Once you have put the photos together, can you follow the path to bring the astronaut back?

Which button is the rope attached to?

The rope you need is attached to Button 1.

Star Map

Can you find all the stars that Alice has mentioned in the top of her chart?

It looks like you need to join them in the right order - sort of like a dot-to-dot!

If you draw a line between the stars in the order Alice gives you, you should be able to see the number 8!

The Space Agency Logbook

It looks like for each day, there is at least one job planned. Can you see all the days and times in the table on the left?

Find the box on the table on the right - can you colour in the boxes that match the jobs listed in the table on the right

Once they are all coloured in, can you see a number?

If you colour in all the boxes where there are jobs planned, you can should then be able to see the number 7!

Pre-Flight Checklist

Have you found your pencil, it looks like there is something written on it that matches the card?

Can you see how the letters line up with the symbols?

The answer is THREE, each letter corresponds to a symbol in the table above

Planet Fact Cards

Make sure you turn all the cards over so you can see the planets?

Each of the planets has a number under to it - it's distance from the sun...

Can you put them in order?

Once they are in the correct order, can you do the sum at the bottom?

Once the planets are all lined up in the correct order (in distance from the sun), you can see a sum at the bottom of the cards.

The answer to the sum is 10.

The Conversation

Make sure that you have read the conversation carefully - they mention lots of times!

According to the flight controller, the launch time is in 2 hours, and the flight will take 3 hours. What is the time when the message was sent?

The Flight Controller says that launch time is 2 hours from now. He is sending the message at 2pm, so the launch time is 4pm. The flight time is 3 hours, so the new Astronaut is due to arrive at 7pm.

The answer is 7.