The Sabotage

Mechanics Championship

Each cog turned will turn the next cog. Work out where the blue and red arrows point whilst following the instructions on the front of the sheet.

If a cog moves clockwise then the next cog will move anti clockwise and wise versa.

Remember that the red arrow will move in one direction after the lever is pulled for the first time and then will move in the other direction from that position when the lever is pulled for the second time.

The answer is 4 x 6 = 24

Coffee Shop Menu

The business card also looks useful here.

Do the road patterns match up?

Lay the business card on top of the menu and see where the arrows point

The answer is 22

Tour Map

The red triangles must be key.

Do the tour routes match anything?

I think the triangles match the shapes of the stage routes. If you can identify which stages relate to the two red triangles then we should have our number.

The answer is 41

TopByke Promo

Not much on here other than a QR code and a url.

I love a discount code. Now it's time to solve this anagram.

I think I see 'wheel' in there somewhere

The solution to the anagram is 'Freewheel' and you reveal a 15% discount code so the answer is 15.

Result Table

It's an unusual results table. The positions are given within the team rather than within the race.

I wonder if you can figure out which rider is where in the diagram. The riders in red circles will be the important ones.

What if we draw a line between the red circle riders. From 1- 6

Going dot to dot, we draw out the number 5

Event Pass

There's a code on here. We need to decipher the text in blue

Restricted Event Access looks like it has already been encrypted on the back

Access = HJJLZZ which means A=H, B=I, C=J etc

Decipher the blue text and it says ten-seven+nine = 12

Pleat Cycling

What is another word for pleat

The pattern looks strange, what if we tried to match some of it up.

Try folding the piece to align the coloured cyclists.

80-45 = 35


The diagram looks like a clock with letters

The clock hands on big ben point to a couple of letters on the diagram.

Are there times listed on any of the other pieces? Where would the clock hands point in those cases?

Find the times listed on other pieces in the game. These are 9:00, 15:10 and 19:00.

Take all the numbers pointed to on the diagram and you get the answer Forty Two.

Newspaper Article

Can you identify the number of Thomas (Hess)

Team Kelvi have had 4 people place on the podium. That should help identify what colour jerseys they have.

By process of elimination - Hess wears number 26