The Explorer

Expedition To Do List

It looks like there is a hint at the bottom of this page as to what you might need to do with this list.

I think this is the order of the puzzles.

So put the answer to item 1 on the list into answer box 1 on the vault!

Use this to order your puzzles - work through the list 1-8 to get all 8 answers you need.

A Pocket Guide to Knot Tying

Where have we seen these knots before?

Can you use the letters under them for anything?

What happens if you put the corresponding letters from the back side of the card onto the three knots on the front side?

If you find the three knots on the back of the piece that match the three on the front and then put the corresponding letters in the right order (according to the order of the knots), you can spell the number EIGHT.

Flight Tickets

Have you found both tickets?

Make sure you read the Important Information…

Can you spot all the extra digits on the ticket?

For example - if one ticket says 287, and one says 2187, the digit you would need is 1.

If you identify all the additional digits on the tickets (extra 2 on the flight number, extra 5 in the other flight number, extra 1 on the date, and extra 4 on the reference number), and add them up - you get the number 12.

Taya’s Journal

I would have a read of that sticky note…

I think the first word of each sentence makes up a whole new sentence of its own!

If you take the first word from each sentence, and make a new sentence - you get an instruction… THE RESULT IS TWO PLUS ONE.

If you complete the sum, you get the number THREEE

Mountain Climbing Log

We are looking for a pattern here, have you tried writing the numbers out?

Maybe try writing them the other way, that might be easier!

You need to complete the sequence…

12, 10, ?, 6, 4, 2

The number 8 completes the sequence - each number decreases by 2 every time.

Nepalese Flag

Have you read everything on the page? Make sure you look at the flag itself closely…

Have a good look at all the pieces - make sure you don’t forget any of them (even the letter)

There are 7 flags:
1 on the flag!
1 on the letter
1 on one of the flight tickets
2 on the Access Permit (check the background!)
1 on the logbook
1 on the journal

Access Permit

We need to work out what date Taya has to leave the mountain. I think all the details we need here.

Taya is allowed 14 days on the mountain - do we know when she checked-in?

Don’t forget - her days on the mountain include check in and check out.

Mountain Photographs

Have you found both photographs - make sure you look at the back!

I think the key here will be working out which line to start with. I think only one works…

If you follow the path, starting at the yellow line, you end at Camp 5. Which is where the photograph must be taken from!

Topographic Map