The Blunder

Bubble Tea Loyalty Card

A new approach to bubble tea? I wonder what that means, what angle are they approaching it from?

Call me a traditionalist, I approach my bubble tea straight on. Maybe a need to look at things a little differently.

I tend to hold things the right way up as well, maybe that’s where I’m going wrong.

Flip the loyalty card and read it upside down. Bubble will now ready ‘Ninety’

Crib & Congee

I'd love a tour of the Capital - sounds great!

Some people have better handwriting than others here. And why do some people spell their name without capital letters?

I think you should only read the capital letters.

Read the capital letters in the list of names only and you'll see SEVENTY MINUS SIX = 64

Good Luck Card

Groovy card design - those letters on the back must mean something as well.

I don't think you read all of this card left to right. The words on the front seem to spiral in on themselves. And on the back, top to bottom doesn't even work. 

Bottom to top and right to left might be the trick with this one.

Turn to the back of the card and read the grid of letters starting from the bottom right and going upwards, when you reach the top then start at the bottom of the next column. You'll then read HOW MANY LETTERS ON THE FRONT.

Count the number of letters on the front of the card to reach your answer, 21

Dragon Restaurant Menu

I wonder how much that order would cost?

The two sides are identical, just in different languages – I’m sure of it.

There are prices on one side but not on the other. I only speak English but I think there’s enough information to translate the prices.

You need to calculate the price of the order displayed on the English language side of the menu. You can find the prices of each dish on the Mandarin side. The numbers before each dish give the you translation between English and Mandarin, so you can translate the prices into English. Then just tot them up to get your answer of 31

Strolling in Shanghai

C’mon, it must be something to do with puzzle corner! But there’s something else on this newsletter that can help.

What3words is a very useful tool for puzzle solvers as well as travellers.

You just need to identify the correct three words to use. Those equations give you 3 numbers, which link to three words on the crossword - it must be them.

Solve the three equations to give you the numbers 1, 3 and 6. Solve the crossword at these specific points to get the words acre, revised and scarecrow. Enter these words as an address at – ///acre.revised.scarecrow. This takes you to a point on a road in Yichang China. The specific point is on the S68 road and therefore you answer is 68


The information under ‘Tuojiang Stepping Stones’ seems like the key to the riddle.

Jump from one stone to the next, top to bottom, reflecting every move and you’re on to a winner.

Don’t forget that you can flip as well as rotate.

Move down the right hand set of stepping stones, copying the same step taken on the left hand column. If the symbol rotates 180 degrees from one step to the next, you must copy that on the right hand side. Once you have the correct symbol on the green stepping stone, follow the rules below to link that to a specific number between 1 and 10. You will find that the answer is 3

UCPS Shipping Label

The barcode letters look a little unusual, as does the ‘Ship to’ address. Is that an instruction I see?

The arrows should be followed exactly and you must be precise.

Fold along the lines in the direction of the arrows. In doing so, you will cover everything except for the end of the words ‘Freight’, ‘Surplus’ and ‘Zone’. You will now see Eight Plus One and so you answer is 9

The Bookmark

I like everyone's outfits - the colours are particularly nice. They match each other as well as the books.

And such lovely waves from some of them... and thumbs up and things. What a lovely bunch!

Everyone looks so friendly. They're waving, showing peace signs or giving a thumbs up. I wonder if that is connected to the numbers on the books in some way?

You can match each book on the front to a group of people on the back by the colour they are wearing. If you count the number of fingers that group of people are holding up then you'll see that it matches the number on the relevant book. Count the number of fingers held up by people wearing light blue and you'll find your answer 13.

Learn Hanzi

It's true, all you need is a pen - just make sure you use it.

Can you trace the Hanzi symbols? Or maybe just the strokes that are missing.

The missing strokes don’t look so much like Hanzi symbols now, they look a lot more like Roman numerals to me.

There are differences between the black symbols and the light grey symbols next to them. If you fill in the missing lines with a pen, you will notice that they make the shape of roman numerals, and the equation looks like IV + XI = 15

Chinese Zodiac

I know he told you to start here, but don't forget about everything else...

You'll need to figure out the order of the numbers to make up your passcode. Why is there an animal picture on each piece?

Each puzzle piece is associated with an animal in the Chinese zodiac. There are nine puzzles and on each puzzle you can find an animal. Match the animal on each puzzle piece to an animal in the Chinese zodiac and you will have your order – starting from this year, the year of the Tiger.

Fortune Cookie Slip

A classic anagram, 2 words, 3 letters then 7 letters

I think the solution has a colour in it.

The colour of the test itself - red. I think the other word is a type of fish.

This one is a Red Herring - sorry!