Puzzling Christmas Crackers

Pub Quiz

Oooo - I am good at a pub quiz! I often get loads of answers

Do you know the answers?

Can you put all the answers together in the order they are asked.

The answer to question 1 is T
The answer to question 2 is WEN
The answer to question 3 is TEA

The answer to the puzzle is TWENTY

We Three Kings

Those look like some odd numbers at the bottom?

Can you find those same numbers anywhere else on the card?

Read the card from top to bottom and take note of the numbers as they come. You'll start to see they match the numbers written at the bottom of the card...

The answer is 3

Ice Rink – Admits One

Where is Wendy?

I wonder what number bag she is holding?

Wendy is in the bottom right hand corner and is holding bag number 16.

Santa’s Grotto

Those seem like some pretty good suggestions for what we could do...

Can you find them anywhere else on the piece?

What happens if you plan three routes - visiting all the suggested places?

Trace the best route and you'll see the letters T, W, O. Your answer is 2

Carols On The Green

Ooooo.....I love the twinkling lights choir!

A festive mix up? I wonder what that could be...

What happens if you take the letters nearest the twinkling lights and mix them up?

The letters underneath the twinkling lights are an anagram. The solution to the anagram is THIRTEEN

Office Party Invite

Ooooo Festive Origami, that sounds fun.

There are lots of weird shapes on this piece. Maybe we could fold them so the colours line up.

Try and match the coloured shapes one by one. The shapes will then become letters. The bauble colours match the letter colours so you should be able to put the letters in the right order to make a word.

The answer is ELEVEN