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Padlock’d: The Philippines

P1 – Basketball Ending Card

This looks like a bit of fun. I wonder who won? And what are those arrows all about?

I think we should start at the winning ending score, and move in the direction of the arrows? So one box to the right, then one box down, then another box down, and so on...

Are they dash marks or maths symbols?

Starting from the correct ending score for the game between Puerto Princesa and Davao City, which is 4-2. Move from box to box via the route given to you by the arrows at the bottom of the piece. You will end up at box 8-2 = 6

P2 – Dive Log

I’ve always wanted to go diving and this school looks so conveniently located. I wonder what the missing depth number should be?

Is it some sort of sequence or series? I don’t think so – it doesn’t look like the answer is maths related to me. Maybe something to do with the fish sightings?

Yes, it’s definitely something something to do with the fish sightings. They’ve all been listed with their Proper names, which is interesting.

The fish sightings are the key. If you read the first letter of each fish species spotted then you will see that they spell out the depth number in the same row. This means that the missing depth number is TWELVE

P3 – Beer Label

It looks like a lovely beer to me. A good variety of flavourful hops in the recipe – I like that very much!

It’s got a good name as well this beer. Have you seen it anywhere else? That might help you identify where some of the hops come from?

Yes, I can see that Engano is on the map on the greetings cards. Is that a number next to it as well? Maybe you could follow the hop mix recipe?

Each hop variety can be located on the old map of the Philippines found on the greeting card from Asma. Next to each name is a number. Enter this number into the hop mix recipe listed on the beer label – one part Engano (31), three parts Boulinao (2), one part Mindor (27) and four parts Samar (9) = (1 x 31) + (3 x 2) + (1 x 27) + (4 x 8) = 96

P4 – Beer Label

I love karaoke. And what a great selection of songs to choose from. Which ones to choose?

And some lovely food here as well. Maybe the prices of the food selections could help? Do they match any of the song references?

They do! I’m sure of it. What’s another word for Medicine Man?

The crosses on the food menu give you 4 different prices – 379, 289, 249 and 260. These numbers are also song reference numbers which match “Medicine Man” by Elton John, “In-between” by Lily Moore ft Maverick Sabre, “Red” by Taylor Swift and “Neon Lights” by Demi Lovato. Reading only the song names you’ll create the sentence “Medicine man in between red neon lights”. If you then look at the songs listed in the table between the red neon lights then you’ll see the song The Doctor by The Doobie Brothers, so you’ll know the answer you need is the reference number 99.

P5 – Hive Business Card

Why are there blank hexagons in the hive? There must be a pattern that gives you the missing numbers?

Maybe start from the bottom row and move upwards through the rows. The two hexagons beneath a high hexagon must provide an answer as to how to work out the next number.

It must be something to do with adding the numbers together. For example, the bottom right corner of the hive -> 11 + 15 = 26. That should help work out the missing numbers. And the route of the bees seems to have some maths symbols hidden within.

The number in each hexagon is the sum of the two hexagons beneath it. This means that the blue hexagon must equal 13, the red hexagon equals 46, and the purple hexagon equals 92. The coloured bees and the maths operators hidden within their flying paths give you the equation to work out the final number. 92 ÷ 46 x 13 = 26

The Philippines Greetings Card

The symbols on the back of this card give you the equation to work out the final 3 digit code. Each symbol relates to one puzzle within the pack. Enter your answers to the individual puzzles into the equation to calculate the final answer.

6 – 12 + 96 + 99 – 26 = 163