Horrid Henry and the Music Mystery Mayhem

To do list

Use this list to find the order for the passcode.

Number 1 is Tickly Treats, can you find the Tickly Treats piece?

Can you match the rest of the pieces to items on the list?

1 Tickly Treats, 2 Postcard, 3 Pizza menu, 4 Top Secret note, 5 Socks, 6 Homewerk note, 7 Killer Boy Rats poster, 8 Fizz Wizz McTizz business card

Homewerk Note

Have you found all the orange letters?

What do the letters spell?

The orange letters are f i v e - the answer is 5!

Tickly Treats

Did you spot the equation on the front?

Can you count how many green and yellow paws there are?

Did you find the extra one on the front as well?

There are 6 green paws and 3 yellow paws on the back and 1 green paw on the front, so there are 10 altogether - the answer is 10!

Killer Boy Rats Poster

The starting point on the map is Punk Pranks and Pandemonion Park

Can you draw a line to where the next concert is at Rat’s Rock ’n’ Roll Stadium?

Once you’ve traced the route of the bands tour, what number did you draw?

The route creates the number 4!

Note for Ralph

Have you seen the fart code?

The shapes on the fart code look like the ones in the note, can you use them to decode the message?

What time is Ralph invited for tea?

The message says: Ralph, It's me Henry. Come for tea at three. KBR Rule!!
The answer is 3.


Pop out all the socks

Can you pair up the matching socks?

How many odd socks are left over?

There are 10 socks left over. The answer is 10!

Pizza Menu

Have you seen what Henry doesn’t want in his pizza?

Is there a pizza that doesn’t have those things on it?

What number is the pizza without all the things Henry doesn’t want on his pizza?

The answer is 6! The Double-Dare Devil’s Delight doesn’t have mushroom, pepperoni, basil, spinach, broccoli, pineapple or olives.

Aunt Greta Postcard

Have you worked out where Aunt Greta is sitting?

Can you see the number on the picture where she's sitting?

Aunt Greta's sitting on a bench, picture number 3 - the answer is 3!

Fizz Whizz McTizz Business Card

Have you scanned the QR code? It'll take you to this website

There's a riddle on the website! Can you solve it?

I'm on your head, where features play,
A smile, a nose, in a friendly way.
‍When you look in the mirror what do you see?
Above your neck, as clear as can be!

The answer to the riddle is FACE! Is there somewhere you can spell out the answer?

If you use the piano to spell out the answer to the riddle FACE you'll reveal that there are 8 days until KBR release their new song - the answer is 8!