Christmas Crackers

Lapland Adventure

The dotted line is interesting. Oh and the arrow overlapping it. I wonder what that means?

Do those vertical lines match up in some way? Maybe try folding the paper.

Now what order should those 4 letters go in? Maybe the trip itinerary might help?

You need to fold the piece along the dotted line and join up the four lines at the bottom one side to 4 of the lines beneath the letters in "Absolutely Fantastic!". Once you've done that, you'll see the letters are LESA. Use the itinerary to order the four symbols Reindeer > Snowman > Lights > Husky. That helps your rearrange the letters to become ELSA

Merry Christmas From The Simpkins

I think this is as easy as spotting the name

Is there an unusual pattern on the black coat somewhere?

Look closely at the woman in the black coat's left shoulder. You'll notice the snowfall spells out IRIS

Carte Cadeux

That barcode number looks a bit funny.

I think we may be looking at a cipher here.

All (1 12 12) - do you think that is a clues. A = 1 and L = 12. That would mean B = 2, C = 3, D = 4 etc

Use the cipher to translate the numbers underneath the barcode to find KEVIN MCALISTER

Just For You Gift Voucher

Colour really is key on this one!

Why are some of the letters yellow and others blue?

Maybe all the blue letters make up the first name and the yellow letters make up the second name.

Reading only the blue letters = JOHN
Reading only the yellow letters = McClane

Soar Ticket

The trapeze artists aren't half making a mess with those presents? They are all jumbled up. I think you'll be able to put them back in order.

It's definitely an anagram. There are letters on each of the presents flying through the air.

Solve the anagram to get RUDOLPH

Roll Up Bookshop

Roll Up Bookshop is a good name, and I think it might help solve this one.

The bestsellers have some interesting names.

Maybe you need to roll this piece up, start with a why, along the top row...

Roll this piece up until you reach the Y on the top row. Then read along the top row to reveal CINDY LOU WHO