Horrid Henry and the Confiscation Cupboard Chaos

Class Register

There are missing letters from the pupils names!

Can you fill in the missing letters?

What do the missing letters spell?

The missing letters are T H R E E. The answer is 3!

Library Slip

Have you folded the paper along the blue lines so that the red lines touch?

The black shapes look like they could make a word when all the shapes line up together.

When the shapes are lined up properly they spell the word SEVEN. The answer is 7!

Air Vent Map

Find the School Canteen on the list, what letter is it?

It's J! Find the J on the map, which entrance do you need to reach it?

To get to J on the map, you need to enter through I. Which entrance is I?

I is Entrance 8, the answer is 8!

Top Secret

The note is written in code! Where else can you see the shapes used in the note?

Use the Fart Code to decipher the note. What does it say?

The note says, 'For this you need number 4. Good luck! Ralph
The answer is 4!

Fixtures List

Use the pictures of the team kit to find the two games that Ashton Primary and Lady Giddiantus play.

In the two games the scores are:
Ashton Primary 3 - 4 Lady Giddiantus
Ashton Primary 2 - 3 Lady Giddiantus

Add up the goals scored by Ashton Primary.

They scored 3 in the first game and 2 in the second game. The answer is 5!

Class Photo

Count how many differences between the two Class Photos.

9 - Henry's jumper changed colour, Margaret disappeared, flower gone from t-shirt, Walter's wheelchair faces the other way, Miss Battle-Axe gets a hat, Mr Soggington's stripe on tracksuit changed colour, Nicola's hair turns blue, Bert top changed colour, Josh's hair changed to red

Detention Card

You need to find out what time Henry will get out of his detention.

Henry starts his detention at 3.45 and it takes 25 minutes.

Henry comes out of detention at 4.10, the answer is 10!

Peter Certificate

Use the 3 gold starts to solve this puzzle...

Are the stars the same size as some of the stars on the certificate?

Place the stars on top of the stars on the same size, can you match up the writing?

The writing says one plus two. The answer is 3!