Scandal Landing

An escape room at home

The perfect family game for Christmas Day!

Don’t just play the same old board games again this year.



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“This Escape Room set is SO much fun to complete”

“There’s no need to leave your home to do an escape room anymore – this one is just as fun.”

“A perfect alternative to that Christmas day game of monopoly”

The Scandal


An Escape Room in an Envelope! A dinner party game.

A sports photographer, has stumbled across a story of match-fixing and blackmail at the Marseille Tennis Championships. A bank of files and documents are being used to threaten a leading tennis star and they need your help to disrupt the plan.

How to play: Solve all nine puzzles to reveal the passcode to the online vault, break into the vault where the files are hidden and delete them all before it’s too late!

Players: 1-8 Age: 14+ Time: 60-90 minutes

100% recyclable, plastic free and made in the UK.

This game is not personalised and you can’t leave a secret message at the end. There is a surprise waiting for you in the online vault though! Check out our personalised games if you want to leave a secret message…

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Product Details
In addition to the contents of this envelope, you will need access to a smartphone & the internet to complete your task.
The game is suitable for groups between 1 and 8 people, aged 14+. It takes between 60-90 minutes to complete but there are clues available if you need them.
There are two copies of each puzzle. Don't read anything into this though, it's just so there's enough for everyone.
The game begins when you open the envelope
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“Fantastic idea!! Had a great time doing the Art Dupe!! already ordered for my family and about to do the next puzzle too! Great idea, especially during lockdown! Would highly recommend and at an excellent price too!”
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“That was incredible. I can’t believe it. Amazing! We got off to a flying start, I’m still on such a high!”
Emma O
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“An escape room in an envelope, what a brilliant idea!”
Sally J 
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“It's so good. I was very kindly sent The Missed Flight and I loved it. I was scrambling to solve the puzzles so I could reveal my TRIFLING message. I will definitely spread the word.”
Alex Horne

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