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Games for 7-10 year olds.

Wanting to surprise a child?  Keep them busy and entertained off their screens? Each puzzle pack includes a series of fun and educational puzzles that will stimulate imagination, logic, and creativity. Choose a theme and get puzzling!
A Peek Inside The Explorer

Taya the mountain explorer has found a secret message on a particularly remote part of a mountain. As she’s so far from home, she’s stashed the message in an online vault and needs a highly skilled helper to reveal the message back home.

Players: 1-2 Age: 7-10 Time: 30-40 minutes

100% recyclable, plastic free and made in the UK.

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A Lock, A Chain and a puzzle game

Use the lock and chain to hide something, and you will only be able to get into the lock once you have solved the puzzles. It’s a great way to jazz up a birthday present, or add a bit of silliness to your dinner party (lock the wine cupboard?!?)
A Peek Inside Padlock'd Philippines

The combination to the padlock is hidden behind a series of clues left by Asma who’s travelling around The Philippines. Can you solve all 5 puzzles to crack the code or will the padlock stay locked forever?

How it works: Use the lock and chain to secure something (a gift, a door, the wine cupboard…), solve the puzzles to reveal the lock combination and unlock the padlock!

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Dinner Party Games

After dinner fun for up to 8 people

Designed for groups of up to 8 people, these games are an at-home escape room that you can play from your own table! Each game includes 9 puzzles - work together to solve the clues and break into an online vault for an unforgettable games night!
A Peek Inside The Inheritance

Only the true heir to iaia Rosa’s beloved Patisseria Sant Jordi will be able to crack the code and inherit the pastry shop. Camila is in a race against her family to save the shop from almost certain ruin but she can’t do it on her own.

How to play: Solve all nine puzzles to reveal the passcode to the online vault, break into the vault and save Patisseria Sant Jordi!

Players: 1-8 Age: 14+ Time: 60-90 minutes

100% recyclable, plastic free and made in the UK.

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These games are meant to be sent anonymously to friends. They must crack the code to reveal the sender (and their message). A brilliant way to send birthday wishes, secret invites, or just for a bit of fun!
A Peek Inside The Dupe

When a reputable Finnish Art Dealer brokers a deal that isn’t what it seems, he unwittingly puts his life at risk… now on the run, he’s hidden a secret message in an online vault and left a series of 7 clues to the passcode – who do you think can uncover the message?

Personalisation: You can personalise the game by uploading your own secret message to our online vault, which will only be revealed when the puzzle is solved.

Players: 1-4 Age: 14+ Time: 45-60 minutes

How Do The Games Work


Write, record or snap your secret message – remember, the recipient won’t be able to see this until they crack the code.


We stash your message in our online vault, we pack up your Puzzle Post and we pop it in the actual post.


Once it lands on their doorstep, they have to complete the puzzles inside, log in to our vault and reveal the secret message.

Christmas Crackers

Full of festive fun

We have packed all sorts into our sets of crackers, you won’t find any boring thimbles here. Whether you want to play a silly game, tackle some fun puzzles, or revel in some Taskmaster fun - we can guarantee lots of Christmas revelry.
A Peek Inside The Taskmaster christmas crackers

We’ve worked with Little Alex Horne himself, and the people at Taskmaster (as seen on Channel 4) to create a task filled Christmas Cracker game. Each cracker is packed with a trio of tantalising tasks: a secret task, a Christmas dinner table task and an after dinner team task. Take your turn as the illustrious Taskmaster, revel in the power and hand out points with grace and a touch of delighted ruthlessness.

Celebrate in style and raise the Taskmaster Trophy above your head as the deserved winner of your very own Taskmaster Christmas Special.

Handmade in the UK, recyclable and 100% plastic free.

Under THe Radar

Full of fun

Each player is dealt a set of challenge cards (2 easy, 2 hard), and the aim is to complete your challenges without being detected. If you suspect someone else is doing their challenge, call them out!
Digital Games

A game like no other

A logic puzzle based game played entirely through WhatsApp! You receive text messages, images and documents which you need to navigate through to solve the puzzles and complete the game.
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