How does it work?

How it does it work?

Each game is stand alone and starts with a mysterious letter from someone who needs your help…


From there, you need to solve the clues to reveal the passcode and break into the online vault – everything you need is inside the envelope, are you up to the challenge?


If you’re sending as a gift, why not personalise the ending? Find out how in works 4 simple steps…

Step 1

Choose a Puzzle Post!

Each title has a different theme, storyline, and set of puzzles. We recommend adult puzzles for anyone over the age of 14. Children’s puzzles are best for ages  7-10.

Step 2

Write, record or snap your secret message to be stashed in our online vault only to be revealed when the puzzles are solved…

Whether your message contains birthday wishes, seasons greetings or leaving a clue to another surprise – they won’t know what’s in the vault until they complete the game!

Step 3

We’ll pop the puzzle in the mail!

After you provide us the recipient’s name and address during checkout, we’ll take it from there! We post the puzzles within 1-2 business days from the date of order with USPS 1st Class, so it should arrive in no time. You can upgrade your shipping to Fed Ex 2 day expedited and tracked if you like. 

Step 4

They solve the puzzle, break into the online vault and reveal their secret message!

The recipients will have to work out the passcode by solving each of the puzzles. They won’t know who it’s from until they crack the code! Clues (and answers!) are available on the website so no one gets stuck.

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“There’s no need to leave your home to do an escape room anymore – this one is just as fun.”

“A perfect alternative to that Christmas day game of monopoly”

If you aren’t together this Valentine’s Day, this twist on the old-fashioned love letter might be for you.”