The Split

The Schedule

I know I told you to start here but don't forget about everything else

You'll need to figure out the order of the numbers to make up your passcode. It looks like Siena did something different on each day.

How many days are covered on this schedule? And how many puzzles are there? Do the actviites link with any of the other pieces?

Each puzzle piece is associated with a different day on this schedule. There are seven days and seven puzzles to solve. Each day describes an activity that Siena and the band has been involved in. Each puzzle is about one of these activities. Match the puzzle piece to the day of the week (Monday - Sunday) and you will have your order.

The open mic night flyer

I'd take a look at the beers they have available

The winner is sure to have their eyes on the prize

I'd take a good LOOK at the EyeLine Ale

Follow the gaze of the three singers on the back of the flyer. Each of them is looking at one word: ONE PLUS FOURTEEN

The hotel eco card

Those wind turbines have some jazzy coloured blades.

They've thought of everything at this hotel. It must run like clockwork.

Each of the coloured blades on the wind turbines, match the colour of one of the numbers encircling the globe above. These are positioned like hours on a clock. Using the final wind turbine blade, you can workout the position of the final number around the clock. The answer is 11.

The cd case

Sara T is one of the best reviewers out there in my opinion. I always seem to agree with her. Get Up, Get Out is my favourite.

Like Sara says, 45 seconds is all you need for this one - you'll have all the numbers you need by then.

There are plenty of numbers in the first 45 seconds of Get Up, Get Out. They "sum up" a lot for Sara T and for me.

You need to visit the band website listed. There, you can listen to the bands three songs. If you listen to the first 45 seconds of Get Up, Get Out and add together all of the numbers mentioned, you will find your answer - 74

The music & lyrics

The song writing looks good but I'm not so sure about the spelling

I think the song has got some legs. It needs a bit of rearranging though.

There are spelling mistakes throughout the draft lyrics. Identify the mistakes and you will notice that the writer should have used the letters H, T, E, I and G. If you rearrange the letters then you get the letter EIGHT.

The Band Photo

Cool photo but there are some weird shapes dotted about.

It's a jigsaw alright, but I think it can be connected in more than one way.

The orientation of those shapes must mean something. They are pairs after a

There are 5 pairs of shapes hidden within the photo. If you match the shapes with their counterpart, making sure to orientate them correctly then the pieces will connect together to form the shape of the number 5.

The Zine Music Awards

I think there are a couple of pieces needed to solve this one. And what about that line up!

Pointed Glass is a funny name for a band. Those champagne glasses must point at something I reckon.

Plenty of ups and downs with this one, and greens and blues. I'm sure they coincide in some way. The wristband must line up on the placecard somehow.

If you place the wristband over the placecard, lining up the two blue lines and then the two green lines, the corresponding coloured champagne glasses point to the letters T, E and N.

The Magazine

Siena had quite the tour around London that night!

She's a singer, not James Bond. No running across rooftops please.

Paint the town red or turn it upside down.

Trace Siena's journey on the map included in the magazine, making sure to follow the roads. Turn it upside down and you will see that your trace will show the number 4.