The Dupe

Helsinki tram map

I know I told you to start here but don't forget about everything else

You'll need to figure out the order of the numbers to make up your passcode. Have you seen what lines the highlighted locations are on?

How many locations are there? And how many lines? And how many puzzles?

Each puzzle piece will include one of the circled locations. The circled locations are on lines 1 to 7. Match the line numbers to the locations and then to the puzzles to work out the order of the puzzles.

The bill of sale

I wonder how much commission Alvar has made?

The commission percentage must be shown somewhere.

Don't forget the to exclude the tax.

At the bottom of the Bill of Sale, you will see that "15% commission is charged on all deals (excl. tax). 15% of 180k is 27k - so 27 is your answer.

Cocktail mixer invitation

That's an interesting theme for the party

Everything is written in English but some of the words don't look right.

Read the street name of the address backwards. NEVES YTENINI becomes NINETY SEVEN

Kaivopuisto sauna

Alvar would struggle to figure this one after handing in his phone and keys.

I think there's one too many commas on this

What happens when you type that number out on your phone?

Grab a phone and bring up the dialing screen. Each number button will have letters associated to it. If you match the numbers, and the number of times they appear, to the letter on the dialling pad you'll be able to spell out a number - 333 = F, 666 = O, 88 = U, 777 = R

Layers and pairs

The pattenr on this flyer looks an awful like the Art Fest ticket.

We've now got a pair, but how do we make the layers?

Dotted lines are for cutting. Now does the Art Fest ticket look like an arrow to you?

Cut along the dotted lines of the Art Fest ticket - you've made yourself an arrow. Match the three colours at the top of the ticket to the three colours on the flyer. The arrow will now point to the number 5 in the bottom left corner of the flyer.

The business card

There's not much on this business card. Just a website address really.

The words in bold must be some sort of clue. Is there a hidden link on this site?

There must be a door to the answer somewhere.

Click on the door in the image alongside the contact address. this will take you through to a hidden page that reveals the number 32

The email chain

Do the email signatures look the same to you?

There must be an order to how the letters relate to each other? Is there enough information to figure out how the whole alphabet must translate?

D = S

The email signatures contain pairs of letters that are equal to each other. Use these matches, to work out how the rest of the alphabet translates e.g. B=Q, C=R, D=S, E=T, F=U ...

Now use the money transfer code and translate that using the cipher you've just created. PTRSE becomes EIGHT

The polaroid

The balloons look similar but different. The patterns must relate somehow.

I don't think that's a face drawn on the green balloon. I think that's a pattern

Match the three shapes on the green balloon to the pattern on the orange balloon. You will see that each shape corresponds to a letter and you will spell out ONE.