The Scandal

The Order of Play

I know she told you to start here, but don't forget about everything else...

You'll need to figure out the order of the numbers to make up your passcode. I know we're at a tennis tournament but why are there tennis racquets on everything?

The stadium layout on the order of play must link to the tennis racquets found on all the other pieces. I think this 'Order Of Play' must have more than one meaning...

Each puzzle piece is associated with a section of the stadium layout. There are nine sections of the stadium each labeled with a tennis racquet, there are also nine puzzles to solve. Match the tennis racquet symbol on each puzzle piece to stadium layout and you will have your order.

The Tournament Bracket

The tournament is over, you must be able to fill in the bracket.

Well, maybe not all of it, but enough to work out the route to the final for the two finalists and the eventual winner. I love Amelie Lebon's quote!

I think all you need to do is add up the numbers of the seeds Shoshana beat to take the title.

Shoshana beat the following players on her way to the championship: Maria Fuentes (3), Belen Sanz (7), Safi Maricchio (5) and Petra Morill (6). If you add up the seed numbers of each of the players then you find your answer = 21

The Business Card

Not much on the business card other than Femi's website. That must be important.

There's something interesting about the image both before and after the editing process. I think you need to see both to reveal the final answer.

There's not just one but two digits to find in that picture - I'm sure of it. Maybe you have to combine them to reveal the answer...

Visit the url on Femi's business card. Look closely at the image shown on the website and you will notice that as you slide the slide the image changes. In the crowd, a the number and pattern of empty seats change to reveal a 3 and a 5. The answer you are looking for is 35

The Menu

There's another piece to this I'm sure.

Does celeriac count as celery? And goats cheese as dairy? This one is a thinker that's for sure.

Just some regular garden variety menu and dietary requirement based maths here.

The menu is linked to the name card for The Champions Dinner. On the inside of the name card are Femi's dietary requirements. There is also an equation with the numbers missing. Use the menu and the dietary requirements to figure out what Femi had to eat. Enter the corresponding numbers to each dish into the equation to calculate your final answer as number 6.

The Health Management Flyer

It's very wordy this one. I've always struggled to get myself in order - always been a bit of a jumble.

They say there motto is the core of their business but I don't understand it to be quite frank.

I could definitely make the motto a little bit better if I was given license to mix it up a little.

The motto of the company is an anagram. Solve the anagram to reveal the answer is "Eight Minus Four". So your answer is 4.

The Seating Plan

There look to be a couple of people with the same name - maybe they're the special guests.

Pear-line, or Pair-Line?

My favourite guest is Roman. His name is definitely something to do with the lines...

Draw a line between each of the identical names (in pairs). If you then read these lines like a Roman Numeral, you should see the number 13.

The Betting Slip

There must be some logic to these odds. Logic for sure; mathematical logic, I doubt it.

What an array of characters on this betting sheet - both people and letters.

The odds are calculated by counting the number of letters in the name of the player. Therefore, Morrill gives the answer 7

The Sticker

I wouldn't think too much about this one. Just say what you see.

Seriously, just describe what's on the piece and I"m sure you'll hear a number in there.

There are Four T's on the piece. In other words, the answer is forty.

The Raffle Tickets

I love a raffle! And the prizes look interesting - they must have been chosen for a reason.

Lucky you, you've got a full set of tickets. I wouldn't worry too much about removing them from the booklet. In fact, I'd encourage it.

There's only one thing I like more than raffles...and that's jigsaws.

Tear the raffle tickets out of the booklet. Rearrange them (like a jigsaw) so the red text is legible, and it will read "Twelve".

The Taxi Company

Who needs a taxi? Maybe call and get some prices as a start?

Where was Femi heading? How much would that cost?

Good, at least it wasn't too late...

Call the number on the taxi company. Listen carefully to find the price of a trip to the airport, that is where Femi is going after all - she told us that in her opening letter. The price is 35 euros and there was 3 minutes of waiting time - so the answer is 38