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Click each address to reveal the associated name

Surrey, England

Iris Simpkins

Movie: The Holiday

Nakatomi Plaza, Los Angeles USA?

John McClane

Movie: Die Hard

The North Pole


Movie: The Red Nosed Reindeer

671 Lincoln Avenue, Chicago

Kevin McCallister

Movie: Home Alone

The Photo Christmas Card

Clue 1

Have you read the note? It really is that simple…get looking!

Clue 2

I would take a closer look on her coat, that seems a bit odd to me?


The name IRIS is written in snow on the black coat. Therefore the answer is Iris Simpkins

The Hotel Spa Voucher

Clue 1

Colour really IS key for this one

Clue 2

Have you noticed what letters are what colour? They seem to match the blanks on the back of the card?


Read only the letters in colour and you’ll see the name John McClane

The Circus Ticket

Clue 1

This looks like a classic anagram to me?

Clue 2

He’s got a very bright nose!


The solution to the anagram is Rudolph

The Carte Cadeux

Clue 1

I think the numbers dotted around are part of a cipher, maybe for the letters they are beside.

Clue 2

All = 1 12 12

That should help translate the barcode


The cipher works like this:

A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, D = 4…

Translate the barcode to get Kevin McCallister