Father’s Day

Father's Day

The Perfect Gift

Whether you’re spending the day together or sending a gift we’ve got Father’s Day sorted. Send a personalised secret message hidden behind one of our puzzles - or try our brand new Brixton Brewery Beer bundle so he can have a drink while he plays!

The Beer Bundle

Choose from any one of our three adult puzzle games: The Missed Flight, The Dupe or The Split. You can find full details of the stories running through each puzzle in the puzzle product page.

The Beers:

Each puzzle comes with 5 hand-crafted Brixton Beers. Each box contains one of each of these Brixton Brewery favourites; Reliance Pale Ale (4.2%), Coldharbour Lager (4.4%), Atlantic American Pale Ale (5.4%), Electric I.P.A (6.0%), Low Voltage Session I.P.A (4.3%).

Or Getting Together For Father's Day?

Try Our Dinner Party Edition

Our Dinner Party Edition. Perfect for small groups of up to 8.

A journey through China, an embarrassing mistake and a devastating message that should never be revealed. Solve the puzzles and break into our online vault – before it’s too late!

The games includes 11 individual puzzles, and has an interactive online ending, all the pieces are designed to be as immersive as possible – follow James around China!