The Secret Service

Code Cipher

Make sure you've got both parts to this puzzle. There are two pieces with the number 1 stamp.

It looks like the alphabet. Can you link the letters in the alphabet to the numbers between 1-26?

Fill in the blank spaces above the numbers on the letter that says "Destroy after reading". Use the 'Top Secret' decoder to link the letters to the numbers.

The code reads "You need the number three".

Equipment List

Have you turned it over?

Make sure you fold along the blue lines so that you can still see the back of the puzzle.

If you fold along the blue lines, making the edges meet, you should be able to read the number eight.

Puzzle Path

It looks like there are some jigsaw pieces on this page. Could you ask an adult to help cut them out?

These jigsaw pieces must fit together somehome. I wonder what they show?

What do the blue shapes in the picture show?

Cut out the jigsaw pieces along the dotted line. Ask an adult to help you with this. Put the pieces together to complete the jigsaw. If you look at the blue shapes, you'll see the number 5.

Mission Briefing

The writing looks back to front doesn't it?

Do you have anything shiny that might help?

If you hold the mirror next to the Mission Briefing, does the writing look any clearer in the mirror?

The Mission Briefing is written with mirror writing - it's backwards! Hold the mirror next to the writing and read what is says in the mirror. You should be able to see:

"Nothing can defeat a spy like you,

The number you are looking for is eight plus two".

Listen In

Look! Some of the numbers on the phone have been replaced with symbols.

I think there is a maths problem at the bottom of the card. If you can replace the symbols with numbers, you might be able to work out the answer.

I think ^ = 2, can you work out what @ and ! should be?

The numbers on the phone normally run from 1 - 9, but there are symbols on this phone. Let's link the symbols to the numbers that are usually found on a phone:

^ = 2

£ = 3

! = 4

@ = 8

$ = 9

Now we have linked the numbers, we can complete the maths problem

2 + 8 - 4 = 6

Identity Cards

The two identity cards look the same. But look closely and you'll see some differences.

You'll need to read it all, to spot them all.

I can see three differences, but there's at least two more.

There are five differences between the cards

The Logo
The Barcode
The D.O.B
The Hair Colour
The Special Skill

A good spy has a keen eye

I'm sure I've seen those footprints on some of the other puzzles?

Don't forget to look at all the puzzles.

There are 10 footprints found across all of the puzzles.

Gadget Guide

What happens when you press the button on the side of the pen?

The letter was probably the first thing you read?

Shine the light from the pen on the top of the letter. You should be able to read the number two.

Jumble Journey

Make sure you've found five letters on the back of the puzzles

Can you put the letters in order to spell out a number. I think it starts with the letter S

With the letters you find on the back of the puzzle pieces, you will be able to spell out the word seven.