The Zoo

Zoo Map

I wonder what it would be like to take a tour of the zoo? Can you work out all the stops?

Can you use the legend on the map to work out who lives where?

What does that little animal say? Can you follow his instructions?

Trace the tour stops on the map, the stops are:
1. Main Entrance
2. Lions
3. Souvenir Shop 1
4. Gorillas
5. Flying Squirrel
6. Snakes
7. Restaurant

If you follow this route, you trace the number 4.

Feeding Schedule

Can you work out which animals Ben has to feed?

For each time the animal has to be fed, shade in the corresponding box.

Work through all the animals - remember to only include Ben’s - and what can you see?

If you shade in all the relevant boxes, you should be able to read 5-1 - so the answer is 4!

Zoo Gift Shop Receipt

Can you work out the sum at the bottom. Each of the animals is related to an item on the receipt.

Pay careful attention to the quantity of each item bought - the price might be for more than one…

1 Koals (£9) + 2 Bear (£16) - 3 Tigers (£6) = 19

Zoo Entrance Ticket

First things first, lets make sure we have the 4 animal cards cut out along the lines and the ticket. You’ll need information from both!

Lay out the animal cards in the right order…

Start by placing the seal looking at the cheetah. They need to all go in a horizontal line!

Add the gorilla so he is looking at both the seal and the cheetah - he can only go on one end!!

Now add the Capybara - he doesn’t want to look at anyone. So he can also only go on one end!

What can you read across the top?

The animals go in the following order:
Capybara, Cheetah, Seal, Gorilla.

Then you can read the following sum
13+3-6+2= 12

So the answer is 12!

Zoo Annual Pass

Can you find the zebra print anywhere?

Hint: It’s on something you’ve already used so far!!

Can you align the pattern so it all matches up? You should then be able to see a number!

If you line up all the print, you can see the number 19

Tree Frog Card

How many frogs can you find?

Make sure you don’t forget the three on the front!!

Theres are 13:

4 on the frog card
4 on the zoo map
2 on the ticket
1 on the order card
1 on the annual pass
1 on the back of the receipt

Zoo Order Card

Can you find the footprints on the different items? You might have to look quite hard for some of them…

Here’s a hint - the first bird footprints you can find on the zoo map!

The footprints are as follows:

1. Zoo Map
2. Feeding Schedule
3. Zoo Receipt
4. Zoo Ticket
5. Annual Pass
6. Tree Frog Card

Giraffe Model

Can you build the giraffe, you need to pop out all these pieces!

You need to push the legs on nice and tight?

Measure the giraffe to the nearest cm! We think he’s 15cm tall…

We think the giraffe is 15cm tall, so if you divide 180 by 15 to find how many times smaller this giraffe is - you get the answer 12!