The Inheritance


That's odd.. I thought the Panellets were meant to be arranged in columns of different flavours.

There are three sorts of Panellets that seem to be out of place?

Can you see what they spell?

If you identify the Panellets in each column that are out of order (don't match the rest in their column), you can spell 3 letters. S I X

Business Card

There's not much on this card - should probably check out this website?

If we've been sent here - it must be for a reason. I would look for something on here we can change…? Something to do with iaia Rosa's favourite time of day maybe?

Where else have you seen these colours? It's not on the website…..

If you follow the URL on the business card, you can visit the website of the Pastisseria. You can use the sun at the top of the page to toggle onto a secret view of the website. You can then use the stained glass window colours on the business card to join up the light coming through the stained glass window on the website. This should allow you to trace the number 6.

Tortell de Reis

Can you solve iaia Rosa's puzzle to identify which numbered slice has the figurine, and which has the bean?

The figurine and the bean at the bottom of the page look pretty deliberately positioned.

"The figurine slice includes orange, and the bean doesn’t. AND The figurine slice has more slices of jellied fruit than the bean slice
All the non-orange slices have 3 or more pieces of fruit. This means we need an orange slice with at least 4 pieces of fruit. Only one slice is an option (7).
The two slices cannot be directly opposite or next to each other.
If the figurine has 4 slices, then the bean slice has 3. Only 3 slices are an option - 8, 1 and 3. 8 is next to the figurine, and 1 is directly opposite. So only one slice is an option (3)

The two icons at the bottom of the page then show you how to order the numbers - figurine then bean, so the answer is 73. "

Ofertas diarias

I think we probably need to work out which items were purchased - can you link the items on the flyer and the receipt?

Can you spot anything unusual in the pictures of the purchased items?

What do you do with items on a receipt? I know it isn't subtract them!!

Using the Ofertas Diarias flyer, you can work out the three items on the receipt. You then need to identify the hidden numbers on the poster for each of these items. If you add up the three numbers you get the answer - 17


Iaia Rosa liked to move the wall tiles around from time to time, but she did always follow a pattern!

Each column of tiles should follow a pattern (some almost do already), as it says they must be aligned in some way…

Can you picture how the tiles would look if you were able to align each column neatly? Those rose tiles sure would stick out!!

If you shift each of the rows horizontally either left or right so that all the tiles are aligned vertically, you can read a number out of the out of place tiles - the red ones. 51

Churro Coasters

Have you spotted anything unusual on the coasters? Something that maybe looks a bit out of place?

Are you able to match those up in some way?

Use the numbers on the coasters to work out in what order to stack them!

If you use the coloured trapeziums to match up the coasters in a sort of fan shape (starting with coaster 1, then 2, then 3), aligning each of the same shapes on to of each other, you can read the number 26 out of the cream swirls on the coasters.

Birthday flyer

It looks like Camila has been invited to the party!

Line up! Line up! Get your tickets (and place cards) today…

Those black dots must mean something! Can you line them up and follow the lines?

If you line up the black dots on the Placecard with those on the Birthday flyer, you can then follow the maze lines that run along the bottom of the flyer all the way over the Placecard to read 4 individual letters. N I N E.

Wedding cake

It looks like you can choose a completely bespoke cake - adding up your favourite flavours

Looks like each flavour has been assigned a number - must be so they can keep track!

I think there is a cake there for us to use as an example….can you see the tiers?

If you add up the three tiers of cake in the image at the top of the flyer, matching each to a numbered cake option below - you get the number 13. Strawberry (2) + Coffee (5) + Banana (6).

Coca de crema

They really do look like they are LEANING into tradition this year.

I wonder what else is leaning?

Can you read just the leaning text…

If you read just the italic text (hence the leaning clues), you have "Choose second row, column 3".

Turn over to the nutritional information and look at the input in the second row, third column to see it say 16%. 16 is your answer

Rosa’s Journey

I know you were told to start here, but don't forget about everything else...

You'll need to figure out the order of the numbers to make up your passcode. Do the steps in the history of the Pastisseria match up with the other puzzles?

Each puzzle piece is associated with a stage in the history of Pastisseria Sant Jordi. There are nine puzzles and nine stages in Rosa's Journey - if you match these up then you have the order of the answers for the passcode. The order is listed below:

1. Wedding Cake
2. Coca De Crema
3. Tortell De Reis
4. Business Card
5. Birthday Flyer
6. Panellets
7. Churro Coasters
8. Polaroid
9. Ofertas Diarias