The Deceit

Abigail’s Business Card

Those knives sure look odd, have you seen them anywhere else?

There are 9 knives, what else do we have 9 of?

Each of the pieces you have for the game have a knife on them. If you match the puzzles to the order of the knives on the business card then you have the order of the answers for the passcode.

Abigail At Home

Looks like Abigail’s team were very careful in pulling this list together, it seems to include all of Abigail’s favourite's - what suckups!

I’d follow Abigail’s advice to ‘please every audience’

Can you spot Abigail’s favourites in any of the menus?

Each of Abigail’s favourites (the pictures at the bottom of the second page) features in one of the menus. If you follow her instructions to add her favourites together, you get the answer 12. Beer+Burger+Ice Cream = 3+3+6 = 12.

4 Checks

Have you looked at the back, something definitely looks fishy about these?

I guess you’d need to match Abigail’s handwriting to find the real one…where have we seen that before?

I’d focus in the vowels, I have always found these the most tricky. That letter is full of them!

Check 47 is the real check. You can tell because it is the only check where both the signature and the handwriting match her original letter. The As and Es are notably different between the faked checks and the letter she sent you!

Lea Dupont Skincare

I don't believe this serum can really 'Remove Time'. Sounds like rubbish to me

And reverse damage? I guess that's possible but I'd check the ingredients before using this.

One of those ingredients look very strange - not sure if that's what I'd want on my face. Is it even a real thing?

If you remove the words relating to TIME from the 4th active ingredient (as per bullet 1), and then read it backwards (as per bullet 2), you can read the number FIFTY SEVEN.

Bank Statement

I wonder why those words are blacked out - they must be important

I don't think you remove someone, if that's what you were thinking….

Go on then, I think the blacked out words should be 'Add Final Reference Number'. It's as simple as that

Working out what words have been blacked out and putting them in a sensible order gives you - ADD FINAL REFERENCE NUMBER. The final reference number is the last reference number listed in the table at the bottom of the statement. Do add the numbers togerther to get 9+4+7+9 = 29

Email Trail

Ben’s right, there must be a better way to get all these items…

Abigail, Ben, Carol - interesting names they have in this team!

Hang on! It looks like there's a typo in one of those email addresses? That must be a clue for the best way to navigate the map

If you re-order the shops that Ben needs to go to in alphabetical order (as cued by the initials, the names of the employees, and the typo in Ben’s 6.04 email address), and then plot the route on the map, you trace the number 28.

PR Business Card

There’s not much on here - guess we should check out that website?

Seems like they have a tried and tested pattern here - how fancy!

Thursday’s caption probably needs careful reading

Looks like Abigail doesn’t have a very varied wardrobe, maybe she’s trying to channel Steve Jobs?

Abigail’s outfits follow a colour pattern throughout the week - red, blue, yellow, red, blue, yellow. If we read the caption for the Thursday post you see they are giving away a free copy to anyone who can guess what she is wearing. On Thursday she would have been wearing red, so the answer according to the infographic is 1.

Calling Card

For more information, you should email Aaliyah!

It seems like they are hanging this whole shoot on getting one key photo…

Don’t forget that first page, seems like all those employees are in order for a reason!

You're told to email Aaliyah at for additional information. According to the email from Aaliyah, Abigail needs to be in the centre of the photo with a man on her right (which has to be Colin or Fred), and Catherine on her left. She later says that Fred doesn’t need to be in the photo, so it must be Colin. She then says that Colin and Issa can’t be together, so that means it must be Roberta.

That leaves the order - Roberta, Colin, Abigail, Catherine, Issa

Roberta and Colin’s numbers are 5 and 2, so the answer is 52.

TV Script

Someone seems to have had some typing issues with this one.

Looks like quite a few extra letters to me?

If A=Z and C=X, then B=Y and D=W… you can match each letter to the letter at the opposite end of the alphabet. Use this to decipher all the extra letters throughout the script

If you find all the extra letters that are in the script, and then translate them using the cypher that Laurie give you, you have the number Thirty Nine.

Pasta Sauce Label

Those barcodes look a bit funny.

This should be wrapped around a jar presumably - maybe that might help

Sodium! That must be what the barcodes say. Now all we need is a bit of maths to work out how much sodium is in this sauce!

If you join the barcode together, as if the label was wrapped around the jar you can read the word SODIUM hidden in the middle.

According to The Story, we need to find the exact mg of sodium. Using the nutrition chart, we can work out that 15% of the total daily allowance of 540mg is 81.