The Coast Line

Food Truck Ticket

Those food trucks on the bottom of the ticket look familiar!

Looks like we have a puzzle for each of these...

These trucks look to be in a deliberate order - what else might need to go in order?

The order of the trucks gives you the order of the answers of the puzzles. For example, the Bubble Boba Tea Menu corresponds to the Boba Van and so is Puzzle 1, the Coffee Shop Coasters correspond to the Coffee Truck and so is Puzzle 2, etc!

Boba Shop

Let the pieces fall down...

I guess they would fall in a specific order - how does game scoring work?

Add the tetris shapes into the blank grid, start with the smallest score and build up from there!

35 - If you add the shapes into the blank tetris grid on the right, as if each had fallen from the top and then stopped as if would in the game, you end up with an image that you can read the number 35 in.

Spinning Heads Roastery

Are those letters on the edge of each coaster?

If you line up the letter halves on each coaster can you make a word?

There are arrows on there too, what do they point to?

52 - Line up the half letters on the edge of the coasters. Start with the letter P and rotate the coasters to spell the word PORTLAND. When you're rotating the coasters, you'll see that the arrows line up with first the number 5 and then the number 2.

FleetSmith Sushi

The cooking school leaflet looks like it has some instructions on it.

The leaflet looks like nori! Can you roll it around the three pieces of sushi? Look out for the gold line on the sushi and the nori to make sure it lines up!

The answer can be found at the end of the arrow. Can you add up the three numbers at the end of the arrows?

18 - If you roll up the cooking school leaflet with the green on the outside and line up the logo, it should fit perfectly around the sushi on the sushi menu. Line up the gold line on the nori with the gold on the sushi and see which number the arrow points to on the three sushi pieces referenced in the leaflet. Salmon Hosomaki = 8, Tamago = 3, Tuna Maki = 7. Add them together and you've got your answer.

Vista Burger Bar

Those numbers look like they might be used for something important - there is a pattern here.

I think the two digits refer to different things - the first one for something, and then the second to something else.

Maybe the first digit corresponds to the number of patties?

17 - the first digit corresponds to the number of patties (1), and the second to the type of bun (7). You can identify this by looking at the similarities between other items on the menu. For example the Morro Bay and the Torrey Pines both have the same bun (type 3), and Seaport and Point Loma have the same bun (type 9).

Inferno Wings

I vote we make this box, help them out!

What can you read around the outside? Is it a URL perhaps?

Get hitting chickens - how many wings did you win?

30 - if you make the box according to the cut lines, you can read the URL around the outside. If you whack enouch chickens as part of the game, you unlock a discount of 30 free wings.

The Genie

My order I reckon the Gyoza. 4=G after all...

Where can you see a G as the 4th letter?

Try using the position of the letters in THE GENIE to translate the phone number.

18 - If you use the position of the letters in the word THE GENIE to translate the phone number, you spell out the letters of the number EIGHTEEN.

Tacos Nomados

Looks like Lisa is going on some road trip!

How many tacos does she need to get to her next spot. We'd better hope Jake has packed the right number!

If Astoria to Newport is 3 tacos, how many is Lisa's journey?

4 - if you use the ruler on the back of the business card, you can see that it is 3 tacos from Astoria to Newport and using the same scale (half), it is 4 from Portland (where Lisa is writing from) to North Bend (newest location).