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Padlock’d: Poland

P1 – City of Gnomes

Lots of little gnomes giving lots of little instructions. Where to start though? I think there’s a hint on the back.

I think each little gnome is directing you to another gnome. I’d follow the path to the end if I were you.

We end at gnome number 13. “Trace your path’ they say. What does the path look like and what number is number 11 holding?

Starting from number 7, follow the instructions given to you by the gnomes. They take you from 7 to 10 to 16 to 9 to 5 to 14 to 3 to 13. Trace that path and you’ll see the number 9. Add 9 to 202 (held by gnome number 11) and minus 150 to get the final answer of 61

P2 – Pukall Ceramics

What a lovely pattern – I wonder if all the circles are supposed to be the same?

Those bullet points on the front look unusual. They don’t match each other and certainly don’t match a lot of the pattern on the back.

Looking closely at the back, the three symbols in the bullet points should up in clusters. Can you reach what they say?

The symbols of the bullet points create shapes on the back. Looking closely you will see the shapes create the numbers 8, 2 and 3. Add them together because there are plus symbols between the bullet points to get 13

P3 – Nauki Kopernik Muzeum

A dotted line and a scissor symbol. It’s cutting time I think.

Now does that half sun on the small piece align with the full sun on the big piece? Make sure to match at least one of the planets as well.

Now which planets are important to align? Well the presentation titles on the back should help – Jupiter and Neptune. Align the sun and each one of those planets in turn. What does the arrow point at?

If you align Jupiter (the largest planet) so that the two halfs of the biggest yellow semi circles meet to create a full circle, whilst keeping the half sun aligned with the full sun, then the arrow will point to 6. Do the same for Nepture (the furthest from the Sun) then the arrow will point to 12. Multiple them together because the presentation titles are ‘Jupiter Times’ and ‘Neptune’ and your answer is 72.

P4 – The Receipt

I wonder what those musical notes would play?

They each of a lettered note associated with them. So maybe it’s important what they spell.

Using the letters listed at the bottom of the reciept, decipher the musical notes to see that it spells DECAF. The cost of the one decaf coffee is 11

P5 – The Lighthouse Paszport

Looks like Asma has visited a lot of lighthouses. Can you identify which ones?

The line in the back of each stamp looks to be the lighthouse trail coastline. It should match where the lighthouse sites on the coastline shown on the back of the passport.

I think Gdansk is the lighthouse depicted in the red stamp. Can you find the stamps for Darlowo and Świnoujście? The colour of all three stamps should be able to be linked to the pattern on the front.

Asma has visited all three of the highlights on the trail. Gdansk is the red stamp, Darlowo is the brown stamp, and Świnoujście is the orange stamp. Red, brown and orange are linked to the numbers 5,6 and 9 respectively on the front of the passport. Add these together to get your answer of 20

The Krakow Card

The symbols on the back of this card give you the equation to work out the final 3 digit code. Each symbol relates to one puzzle within the pack. Enter your answers to the individual puzzles into the equation to calculate the final answer.

61 x 13 + 72 – 11 + 20 = 874