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Padlock’d: Mexico

P1 – Day of the Dead

This looks like a jolly bit of counting to me. I wonder what you need to count?

I think I would take a note of the colours, maybe? There’s something hidden in these words for sure…

Reading the first letter of each bullet point you will see the words Orange and Purple. The plus sign in between skulls and flowers indicates that you need to count up the orange skulls and purple flowers to get your answer of 13

P2 – Tenochtitlan

An eagle, eating a snake, perched on a cactus. In that order.

Building work started from the south westerly tip of the site apparently. Maybe that tells you were you should begin your journey through the symbols.

Take a tour through the site, and the Aztec pyramid as well. Starting in the bottom left corner on the bird, what happens if you move through, ensuring you always follow the pattern of eagle, snake, cactus.

Follow the pattern from the bottom left tip of the symbol pyramid – bird, snake, cactus. This will lead you to end on the Cactus on the middle row, furthest to the right. Match this to the number pyramid and you’ll see your number is 72.

P3 – Metro Ticket

It looks like a counting mechanism – dots and lines. I wonder how many dots are in a line.

I think a dot is equal to one, so the four Kin must be on the right. Maybe you can figure out the rest from there.

A dot is equal to one, a line is equal to 5. So one line is the 5 Katun, one line and 2 dots is the 7 Baktun and so on. This means that the Tun must be 3 lines and 1 dot = 16

P4 – Holbox Postcard

This sounds like a great trip. I’d love to join Asma on her travels.

I’ll map out her route to give myself an idea of what it entails.

Trace Asma’s route with the map on the front of the card, finishing in Holbox. You’ll see the number 2.

P5 – Local Recommendations

This all sounds delicious. It’a shame the piece has a stain on it though.

I wonder what has caused the stain. It doesn’t look like a margarita.

The stain is from a can of coke. The place to get a delicious cold coke is Fernando’s Restaurante – number 22!

Mexico Greetings Card

The symbols on the back of this card give you the equation to work out the final 3 digit code. Each symbol relates to one puzzle within the pack. Enter your answers to the individual puzzles into the equation to calculate the final answer.

13 x 72 + 16 – 2 + 22 = 972