Elf HQ

Elf IDs

This seems to be more than just IDs. Try putting them together, side-by-side.

Flip them over and rearrange. What do you see?

If you arrange them correctly, connecting the lines on the side of each, you should be able to read the number nine.

Stable Logic

The legend in the bottom left will help you identify the medium sized stalls.

There are only three medium sized stalls. Which one is furthest from the cane treats and the sleigh repair station?

Stalls 1, 9 and 7 are the medium sized stalls and stall 1 is the furthest from the cane treats and the sleigh repair station. So your answer to this puzzle is 1.

Elf Writing

It looks like it’s more than just a work order. The Elf Writing System should be able to help you.

Try flipping the work order over. What do you see? Can you translate those weird shapes by using the Elf Writing System?

If you take a look at the back of the work order, you should some elf writing. If you use the Elf Writing System to translate the writing into English then you will see that it says "You need Four" and so 4 is your answer.

Elf Newsletter

Have fun and work on the word search at the bottom of the newsletter. Make sure to cross out the words you see to get a better view.

What letters are left? They seem to form a word.

If you cross out the words, you should be left with T, H, R, E, E.

Sleigh Maths

Santa has delivered most of the presents. Take a look at the presents left and compare it with the chimneys left.

Santa doesn't only deliver 1 gift per chimney. Can you divide the number of presents by the number of chimneys to work out your answer?

If you divide the total number of presents left (500) with the total number of chimneys left (100), you will get the number 5

Santas List

Alabaster Snowball has detected errors in the list. Try and get a closer look at all the details.

Scan each letter of every word down to the smallest details, including colors and punctuations.

If you look closely, you will spot 7 differences:

- The total number of pages
- The colour of the scooter wheels
- Olivia’s name
- The colour of the games controller buttons
- Amelia Wright’s shirt
- Alabaster Snowball’s name
- Punctuation mark on the bottom note